About Us

HR at Everest is a newly established Closed Corporation with fresh ideas to improve productivity and performance in the Workplace. The company presents years of experience in various Industries and all the necessary Qualifications to implement the best HR systems and processes within your organisation. We are equipped to accommodate small, medium and corporate organisations. We are your one-stop HR services provider and we are committed to effective and value-adding services.

Our vision is to take individuals and companies straight to the top. We use Mount Everest and Mountaineering as symbols to illustrate new ways and methodologies to use in order to get to the top. We help individuals and companies to get to their destination and to make their dreams and visions a reality. We specialise in implementing new systems and processes as well as optimising your current systems and processes.

Our services are divided into 4 categories:

Category 1 – Employee Entrance Process

This Category covers the full process of finding the right employees for your company, how to interview them, screen them and to use psychometric testing to make sure you make the right hiring decisions. We also focus on further employee development.

Category 2 – Employee Working Process

The employee’s working cycle starts on day 1. If the employee starts with a warm welcome and clear instructions of what is expected of him/her, that employee will start adding value much sooner than expected. This category covers orientation programs for all new hires, trainee programs, and route specific programs. They need to know the rules and direction; we equip them with policies and procedures, an excellent performance management system and all the gear that they will need to get to the top. Sometimes structures and strategies changes during the working process according to operational demands; therefore we offer systems and processes to equip employees during any change they might experience.

Category 3 – Employee Peak Process

What happens when employees reach the peak? Are they getting any recognition and advice on how to stay there, on how to share the route that they’ve followed to get there? In this Category we realised the importance of supplying employees with more leadership skills and guidance to their next peak.

Category 4 – Employee Exit Process

Employees need to exit in the same way that they’ve entered. Employees exit either voluntary or involuntary. We provide companies with exit programs as well as an Alumni program to make sure it is a healthy exit, whether voluntary or involuntary.

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