Our Servcices

  • Talent Management

    1.1 Finding good Employees for your company.

    A. Recruitment – We are successful in recruiting new employees into multiple developmental career streams. We attract high-performing candidates who have chosen to be challenged and to develop and grow in their careers.    


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  • Labour Relations

    Industrial Relations

    We would like to help companies to improve their working relationships with Employees, and Employees with Management and to build that trust and willingness to work together.


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  • Organisational design and development

    Organisational Design refers to the process of aligning the structure of the organisation with its objectives, with the ultimate aim of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation. Organisational Design work can be triggered by the need to improve service delivery or specific business processes, or as a result of a new mandate.

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  • Policies & Procedures

    Policies & Procedures

    We specialise in writing policies & procedures for small, medium and corporate companies from all Industries, according to Legislation.

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