Industrial Relations

It is generally agreed that ‘good’ Industrial Relations comprise the following elements:

  • Trust
  • Confidence of Employees in Management and of Management in Employees
  • Good Interpersonal Relations between those involved (Employees and Management)
  • Realistic working agreements and arrangements
  • A willingness to work together

We would like to help companies to improve their working relationships with Employees, and Employees with Management and to build that trust and willingness to work together.

We specialise in the following:

  • Disciplinary Code and Procedure
  • Advice to Employees and Management
  • Industrial Actions
  • Strike Management
  • Settling Bargaining
  • Settling Disputes
  • Settling Grievances
  • Settling Disciplinary (Full disciplinary hearings)
  • Redundancy handling
  • Policy Making
  • Union recognition in the workplace
  • Retrenchment handling
  • Presenting Companies and Employees at the CCMA for Conciliation and Arbitration
  • Providing Training to Employees and Management
  • Providing documentation that support Industrial Relations, including Minute taking and recording